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Karl Bode
News Guy

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reply to thehondaboy

Re: People and Households. Sometimes considered different things

It's just unfortunate that the error in the mix up of people and households sort of leaves the whole argument to fall in on itself.
Well one, I've fixed the sentences that confused people and households, and two, it doesn't make any difference. The beauty of how empty this declaration is -- is whether you're talking about 100 million homes or 100 million people, the same rules apply.

Cable service passes 125 million homes according to NCTA data. With the exception of a few very old rural markets, the majority of those 125 million homes can be updated with 100 Mbps-capable DOCSIS 3.0 within five years for surprisingly little money. That's before you count FiOS or municipal fiber.

So again, Genachowski setting a goal of 100 Mbps to 100 million (with no actual timeline! He could be thinking fifty years!) is not really doing anything.