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Other Things On My Mind
Pompton Lakes, NJ
reply to BillRoland

Re: What I would like to see

said by BillRoland:

1. Must not involve federal government takeover of ISP industry or the creation of a new bureaucracy
2. Must not involve declaring broadband a universal human right
For this, you already have what you describe. You're a free marketer subject to the whims of industry and what they think is 'good enough' and that is what you got. Are you happy?

The US will shortly, in your and my lifetime become a truly second class society as our ability to 'do what is needed' to be done,' such as prepare for the next 3 generations is totally eroded by the inability to take action, fear of politics and out of control litigation.

Our cities are crumbling; the base infrastructure is often more than 100 years old. Our highway systems and bridges are rotting away and we have no money to fix them, and we don't want to make them all toll roads for anyone but truckers. We can't build power plants anymore close to demand. We can't build power transport systems due to costs. We can't even build cell towers or other services due to NIMBY and the cost of litigation. We can't protect watersheds because that limits the rights of land owners. We can't protect our water supply anymore thanks to the Supreme Court being a bit too literal and heartless.

The list goes on forever. We say we don't want to impoverish our children or children's children, but we are condemning them to be followers, a society that will not be able to move goods or have a high quality of life without being millionaires.

The USA needs a Marshall Plan for US! It needs companies who can say, 'time and materials plus 10%' not the 18-30% the stock market people say.

And please don't take any medicare, medicaid or social security benefits during your lifetime, I wouldn't want the bad government agencies to have to put you to death or keep you partially housed or fed. You should be impoverished when you have medical services.