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Pompton Lakes, NJ

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Re: Third Pipe Fail

Yes, CV, the 5th largest cable company has been offering 100mb service for more than a year for $99/mo. Cablevison was the first with 10/2mb home service 6 years ago, 15/2mb service for the same money and 30/5 service for a mere extra $10. The price has stayed the same for 6 years. They also added wifi hotspots in their area at no extra charge to thier customers. And they also offer up to 100mb or better full fiber service to any business customer in the footprint under the LightPath brand.

CV laid 36,000 miles of fiber and cable, that's as much as Verizon was supposed to put in West Virginia (but didn't). They have a 75% takeup rate for at least one service, the highest in the nation. It may be only 4 million homes passed, but its 4 mill in the most desirable market and densest population portion of the USA.


Austin, TX
Which doesn't matter to the other 120+ million homes in America...

Also, TWC is more than happy to sell you 100M fiber anywhere in their footprint. It just might cost an arm and a leg.