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reply to Firefly2003

Re: 100mbps to 100 million HOUSEHOLDS

said by Firefly2003:

What good is offering better speeds to people that already have actual wired broadband in their homes when there is still millions of people still without broadband or inferior services out there?

The demand for it is there but clearly we aren't being given a option or a choice or even services, when I moved from a town that had several different types of internet and the setups like cable, dsl, wi-fi, wireless, and fiber. Mind you this was a town of 2600, to a town of 800 where the only option is satellite , dial-up , and wireless which is very spotty in certain areas.

My beef with these companies and the government handing out stimulus money to areas that don't need the funding with their existing infrastructure, the question is when will we get broadband to the last mile?
i dont think many who has att, comcast, roadrunner, charter etc really cares about a faster connection
they just want cheaper service
let's say 10 bucks, 15 bucks, 20 bucks
that is the kind of customer that want a good enough connection and cheaper then dirt!
1mbit for 9.99 or 2mbit for 19.99
majority will choose 1mbit over price difference