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reply to FredIsDead

Re: Third Pipe Fail

said by FredIsDead:

Plus, you have people like me, who are currently only willing to pay for 3 mb/s service. You can give me 100, but if it is priced anywhere near the current levels, it just isn't worth the additional cost for the limited benefit i get. Most people aren't willing to pay for the upper tiers of internet service.
people like you are willing to pay anything for 3mbit service at any price?
i think u will do fine with 768k or even 512k
since all ya need is a connection that fast enough for your web surfing experience
i was saying that 50mbit and 100mbit is only for the speed freaks or some who use them for business apps
that's like having a car that can do 200 mph when a really cheap car that does up to 60 mph is a better deal.
why pay 30,000 buck when a 5,000 dollar car is more then good enough for your needs?
like i was saying many don't care about speed all they want is a connection and as cheap as possible
that's the problem with service provider
they think that most want to pay more for more speed
their marketing is horrible and their lower tier are still too expensive for the budget people.
make it competitive to dial up 10bucks to 20bucks