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Karl Bode
News Guy

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reply to itguy05

Re: hmmmm....

said by itguy05:

Yet Verizon's nationwide data outage last week was nowhere to be found on BBR.....
I'm not quite sure what's being inferred here. That we're hard on AT&T and easy on Verizon? That's pretty funny if you've seen how hard we smack Verizon when they make poor decisions. Verizon stories concerning their stubbornness in the face of open wireless evolution also get posted frequently.

The Verizon outage was nowhere to be found because by the time other stories had been written and posted that morning, the outage was resolved.

And, yes, AT&T's first foray into Android being locked down is newsworthy.

Big Dawg 23

Northfield, MN
Blackberry outages either on Verizon or others has become way to often. This is one reason I dumped my Tour for a Droid. The only app that I had to Superuser my phone for was Wireless Tether. However, wireless tether is still not working correctly on some Droids and only gets 20K up/down.

In the end many who buy a Android phones will modify them. If not already Rooted it will be soon and result in new ROM's.