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[general] what are the best broadband modem out for gaming?

i am refering to both ADSL2 and cable modem:p

im trying out both before I go with a ISP pernment

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Fort Worth, TX
I don't know about cable modems, but for DSL, a modem is a modem is a modem when it comes to speed and latency. One might be better at holding a marginal line, but that's all.

Des Moines, IA
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reply to ADM2011
I have used Motorola and Scientific Atlanta modems with my cable connection. The Motorola modems were far more tolerant across a wide range of signal levels than the Scientific Atlanta (WebStar) modem. Recently, my ISP threw the switch on Docsis 3.0 in my area, so I retired my Motorola SB5101 and upgraded to a Motorola SB6120.

My pings have always been very good for gaming (Quake 4, COD4, COD MW2) but I would have to say that they are excellent and extremely consistent now with the SB6120. In MW2 with my older modem, my connection was rarely selected during the server hand-off as the match server, however, with the SB6120, my connection is usually selected to host the match.

If your area has Docsis 3.0, the SB6120 would be a no-brainer! If you are still at Docsis 2.0, the SB6120 will be quite happy, but you would not have the advantage of downstream channel bonding and 64QAM on the upstream. If your ISP is planning to stay in business, I would assume they will be moving to Docsis 3.0 in the near future.
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Bethlehem, GA
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I am on the 16/2 which is docsis 2 and I have 4 bonded channels on my download.The cable company would be idiots not to allow it because you only use a fraction of each channel not all on 1 channel.I have a SB6120 and I have 1 blue light which means bonded channels.I agree about the gaming.I am a UFC undisputed junkie I mean it is to me like heroin is to a junkie.I had an arris from comcast at first and it literally sucked to play online most of the time because of lag.I went and tried the SB6120 before turning my glock 9 on my Xbox 360 and its literally like night and day and its not the bandwidth because Xbox live uses very little of that its the QOS that makes the diffrence mine went from avging like 75% to very seldom now dropping below 90%.I love my SB6120 I thought about putting it under my pillow at night when I sleep.Would that be a fire hazzard?Ok I really was not going to sleep with it but they are amazing.The only downside is they seem to be a little more sensitive to noise on the transmit and that is not a fact but more than just me have noticed it ofcouse we could all be idiots but it does seem to be real sensitive to noise on the upstream