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La Sal, UT
reply to PapaMidnight

Re: What kind of customer service did you get?

said by PapaMidnight:

I'm just curious but did you by any chance happen to get a scripted-out-of-the-country-and-obviously-exported customer service experience? I'm just asking because I know I clearly got someone who read from a script last year when I got a dish receiver (a refurbished ViP622 that had been marked as new, but that's a separate story on it's own), had it connected via Component and HDMI (just to make sure it was not an HDMI issue), and the "support" rep kept telling me to turn my TV to channel 3...
I'll let that one sink in for a bit.
Honestly, I can't remember as my dealings with Dish ended around 2002-2003. It wouldn't surprise me that might have been the case, but in reality, so many companies in the US have opted over the years to go off-shore for their customer/tech support, that it almost has become more the rule than exception (pretty sad actually).
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