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Tamaqua, PA

Prolog and their horrible cap

Prolog/Sectv now has a 60gb cap for the hours of 5pm to 1am. Not only is this unreasonable it is unfair to those who REALLY use their internet access. They are living in the 1990s where they expect you to only send emails and basic web browsing... maybe some instant messaging. However, if you want to stream HD videos through service like Netflix, forget it. This will chew this 60gb up easily. Especially if these so called peak times are the same conveniently set times I get home from work.

One day Prolog/Sectv a new player will come to town and I will be sure everyone I know switches. Even if I have to pay their bills! You are horrible and you treat your customers very unfairly. They recommended me to get a over priced commercial account to be able to get unlimited transfer a month. I never asked for unlimited just a little bit more than that ridiculous 60gb cap.
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Hazleton, PA
I was told 100 gb per month last year saw this and called prolog I was told now 50GB from 5pm - 1am. This is ridiculous. Basically they dont want u using netflix to watch movies.
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