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Starting out with bad suggestions.. can it get any worse?

Well, I have a revision for the USF/subscriber line reform...
First of all, if you have a broadband line and buy VOIP .. I don't think the FCC should be able to hit you with MULTIPLE fees and/or taxes.. it needs to be ONE fee and be under $5 a month for ALL (the less, the better).. and that's whether you have a combination of wireline/wireless services from the SAME carrier. This is my suggestion AFTER they tackle the issue of competition FIRST.

There is no doubt that 4/1 can be put into those "RED DOTS" relatively quick, but if the price is $50-$100 it's not affordable.. if it's $15-$25 it's reasonable WITH a VOIP line included. Don't care if it's wireline or wireless in the last mile.

I haven't read this in it's entirety.. but when we're talking about reform, the States seem to have their greedy little hands into the wireless/POTS pie with their tax & fee schemes as well.. once the infrastructure EVOLVES so to speak, how do you prevent the States from making that $15-$25 cost balloon into $50-$100 for 4/1 and a voip line? Keep in mind that I'm talking 2010 dollars and by 2020 the inflation could well make 15-25 be 50-100 by that time so we'd see $90-$125 in real inflationary dollars, while the rest are UPTO $200+ for internet, phone and video...

A POTS subscriber charge is anywhere between $5-$10 now and that's outrageously high. I'm very suspicious that once the fcc gets the authorization to RAISE your internet bills the states will want their share too and they will screw over VOIP as well and god help those STILL on POTS by 2020, you'll need a mortgage to pay the bill. Thinking of projected price hikes make me sick.. I'm still bracing for the ultra-high GASOLINE prices we're facing this summer!!