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West Tenness

what's not promising

•The FCC wants wireless broadband to be a priority: The plan clearly pins a lot of hope on 4G wireless broadband services as a cornerstone of future competition, and Chapter 5 (starting on page 73) is entirely dedicated to spectrum. The plan's goal is to get 500 megahertz of spectrum into the hands of 4G providers, of which 300 megahertz (between 225 MHz and 3.7 GHz) is to be made newly available for mobile use within five years. There's an ocean of details involved in the FCC's agenda, and the devil will be in the end-game details and whether broadcasters want to give up some unused spectrum (hint: they don't).

Yes take away FREE TV so the mobile companies can offer mobile "broadband" with their 5 GB monthly caps and $50 per GB overage fees for $60 a month. If they want spectrum then MININMUM 50 GB cap and ZERO overage fees. If someone goes over do like satellite, just throttle down the download speed.