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Teksavvy Extreme
Toronto, ON
reply to viperlmw

Re: Actual Speeds

1024 kbps DSL profile means you'll only get ~850 kbps throughput.

I'm curious as to why they went so aggressive for upload relative to download. Is it for video communications?

The person who said that this would mean big bucks for DSL providers to upgrade might on to something.

Personally I think 7 mbps and 0.5 mbps actual throughput would be a more useful and attainable goal. 4 mbps down isn't even enough for 720p video which is much more important than uploading at 1 mbps IMO.

Could it be that they are more focused more on the communications side of things and less on video delivery since they're not as keen as many are to see the internet replace the traditional crappy cable/satellite tv systems? Thinking about this makes sense as they have considerable control over the content of TV that they wouldn't have with online video...