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Laramie, WY

Money in Politics

Yes, the plan fails to address the role of money in politics. In particular, it fails to address the influence that Google has bought in Washington -- influence that has allowed the company to push for onerous, unnecessary "network neutrality" regulations that could in fact derail the goals stated in the plan. (Google has ensured that it would be, conveniently, exempted from these regulations, even though it has a fiber backbone rivaling those of the largest ISPs.)

Jim Kirk
Westerville, OH

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Yeah yeah Blah blah blah Google blah blah evil blah blah

You conveniently neglect to mention the flip side - that you and your kind are guilty of the same thing.

As a consumer, if I have to choose lesser of two "evils", I'd certainly choose Google.

Heavy Artillery For The Little Guy
Tulsa, OK
reply to SuperWISP
Most your problems would be solved if you could have access to *reasonably priced* bandwidth..

The fact your bandwidth is so ridiculously expensive has made you a CONSTANT champion for traffic blocking/filtering, caps, overages, fighting network neutrality, and so on.... for your own business reasons. (Profit.)

The actual fact is you're being ripped off. If you could get bandwidth for prices like AT&T and Comcast can get (and even if you paid several times more then they do) all your problems would be gone and you'd still make good profit.

Google is not the enemy. The incumbents providers are.
"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." -- Benito Mussolini
Expand your moderator at work

Bill Dollar

New York, NY
reply to SuperWISP

Re: Money in Politics

Your conspiracy theories about Google aside, two points.

1) Those in DC laugh at you when you say this, because Google frankly sucks at lobbying, both in the direct fashion, and in the indirect fashion. They spend very little compared to the big guys, and don't have the depth to flood the Hill and get shill groups out on the turn of a dime (Frisbee Golf anyone?).

2) You gripe about onerous regulations, while also screaming for more special access pricing regulations. Network neutrality is a very light regulation in comparison to the setting of wholesale circuit rates. Yet one regulation benefits you, and the other, in your mind would cause you to perhaps have to responsibly manage your network instead of blocking all P2P so you have enough time to troll every message board on the net.

Brett, the truth is, net neutrality is going to happen, at the very least, something like the four principles will become law, as the COPE Act in 2006 which codified the four principles was a Barton led bill. But because of your batS*it insane behavior over the years, instead of flying under the radar, you are now actually going to be thumped for your horrible net management techniques.