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Live Free Or Die


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Re: End result: Higher prices, more profit for incumbents

said by KrK:

Most likely result:

Higher prices, more fees. Profit for large entrenched players increases while pushing off costs into the USF.

... no real speed or consumer protections increases.
USA far behind on broadband.

Rural areas may actually get some form of broadband. That's the only positive... but the rest of us will pay dearly for it.

No open access.
Very little competition in most areas. (In some areas, none.) Which therefore means very few choices except one for rural areas and two for most people in the USA. A small minority gets to see 3 or more choices. (Very small.)

Internet regulations will grow stronger and more controlling (content/intelligence/Sales taxes etc)

It's not just america that is being behind,it's canada as well.It's like when the US telco's and Cableco's play the dirty cards,our canadian telco's and cableco's do the same thing.It's like monkey see,monkey do. When will it stop and the CRTC & the FCC say NO! to the Cableco & the Telco's.Things have GOT to change,the cableco and telco's can't keep their duopolies forever THEY end up to have to give it up cause ONE day or another,they'll have to give up their duopoly.