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Hackensack, NJ

The fee is not illegal and was just increased by the FCC

»Federal USF increasing to 15.3 %


Loxahatchee, FL
So the feds say that VP must pay 15% of their revenue to the USF. I get that. My usage has been $0.00 last month. So how did they take 15% of $0.00 and get $2.95??? Charging everyone the same rate regardless of their usage is just plain sleazy. In other words, their goal is to screw the little customers for the benefit of the bigger customers. The USF thing is a tax on THEM and not me. Its simply a cost of doing business - just like the rent and electric bill. They should figure that into the cost of the services. In my case, they are bound by their original terms of service which did not allow for ANY fees or minimum charges other than actual minutes. This is because I never agreed to the new terms and never signed their contract.
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