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San Francisco, CA

Simple question...

What fraction of the country can't get broadband, TODAY?

Between DSL, Cable, Satellite (e.g. WildBlue), and GPRS/3G, isn't more than 99% of the population already served?


Cortland, NY
You're kidding right?

Most of upstate NY is on 1x or EDGE. Wildblue doesn't have any more spot beams and Hughes FAP at 300MB a day is NOT broadband.

Verizon strong arms everyone too. We had business grade DSL they went down every day - they kicked everyone off the line cards to "manage traffic" This was on a 200 $ a month business line card.

I was 2500 ft from the CO and they wouldn't sell me 12 Mbit ADSL2+..citing only ADSL1 line cards. Funny the model showed ADSL2+ connection.....


San Francisco, CA
I'm not asking who has whatever connection they want wherever they want.

I'm not asking who has multiple options.

I'm asking what fraction doesn't have at least one option that at least calls itself broadband. And I'm saying I think it's less than 1 person in 100.


Sorry, but I've never found a DSL line I couldn't troubleshoot to reliability, and I have over 50 under my belt. If you can't be bothered, or don't have the skills, that doesn't count as not having broadband availability. Not in my book.


Are you saying WildBlue is not signing up new customers, period, or in N of the 45 beam areas?

300MB/day ain't great, but for what fraction of the population is it the only option? Besides, if there's no need for video, it's fine.

Don't expect another response on this line of discussion from me.
AT&T is the world's second-largest SpamHaus and leads an
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Bill Dollar

New York, NY
It is a simple question, and the linked pdf answered it. But the conservative estimate is that 95 percent of U.S. housing units have the ability to purchase some terrestrial high-speed Internet service.

Satellite is explicitly excluded from that, because, yes, with a view of the southern sky, you can theoretically purchase it.

The plan aims to cap the existing phone USF at current level, shift funds around to reach 4 of the last 5 percentage points, and let satellite cover the last million or so hardest to reach remote housing units.


Corona, CA
reply to elvey
Satellite is "broadband" if 1000+ msec latency time is cool with you and you believe 256k upload is fast. Not that gaming is important, but anything that requires normal response time isn't going to work with satellite. Latency is just irritating in a business environment.

Satellite Internet as of 2010:

We just hooked up Hughes at work, and here's what we found out:

425mb max download allowance for the normal business plan. We found this out by trying to download the Vista Service Pack 2. In the middle of the download, it cuts your speed to 40kbs (slower than dialup), which will drop connections, and cripple your email system.

"Enterprise Installation" is throwing the dish on the roof and holding it down with rocks. Installer refused to install it to the wall even though it comes with a kit to do just that, and it's the preferred method, especially in high wind areas like us.

New Equipment = Used Equipment. Cost over $1000 if I remember right for the dish and modem. Dish was used.

Zero documentation come with the hardware. If you have an IP conflict with their satellite modem, or any other special situations, you are screwed. There is nobody at Hughes that knows anything about their hardware according to their Tech Support personnel.

"Installed" means "not hooked up or tested". When we hooked it to a computer, it produced less than 128k download speed, and disconnected at random. Took a few hours time to fix, because I had to check everything on our end first. It was on their end. They did not set up the modem right, and fixed it remotely. Uh, how come you didn't set up the modem right when you INSTALLED IT. It wasn't a free install, and it was "guaranteed" and performed by "trained technicians". Right.

Wild Blue had a guy show up to install their system first. The "technician" was about 350lb, walked with serious limp, was 60+ years old, and brought a Walmart ladder to climb up onto a 18 foot tall concrete building in a windy area. I wanted a dish install, not a suicide attempt. The fact he was dumber than a brick concerning installing anything to anything was just the icing on the cake.

So I sent him home and sent their equipment back and called Hughes.

Satellite Internet is NOT like Satellite TV. If Satellite TV is a Vegas Showgirl, Satellite Internet is an Atlantic City Crack Whore. No way ready for prime time.


San Francisco, CA
Belated (sorry!) follow-up:

All service providers have fools and jerks that work for them. YMMV.

I've seen WildBlue do a professional install. The guy hooked everything up, ran the cables the way a professional should, did his own testing, and agreed to wait while I did my own testing. It's been fine.

Oh, and i didn't mention WISPs as another option that can be viable in rural areas.

Wildblue is not 'full'; they can handle more customers and still provide 'em with true broadband.

If you try to install vista sp2 (which is only 348MB) onto each computer, then you're dumb. The Hughes Biz plan allowance is 1250MB. Plus there's no limit to early AM downloading, and a monthly get out of jail free card.
AT&T is the world's second-largest SpamHaus and leads an
Organized Crime Syndicate. Also see TURN.org or UCAN.