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Brooklyn, NY
reply to ImranUK

Re: [H/W] Home Setup - 50MB Cable Connection

I would see how the 871 handles the traffic before worrying about upgrading.

I use an 871(have an 851 as backup but it doesn't do IPV6) and would love the 1Gb/s External port and 8 Internal ports(4 can be POE) of the 891 but can't afford it. I have a separate Netgear Router, configured as a bridge now that has 802.11a/b/g for Wifi. The 5Ghz is not crowded(I have 10 other 2.4Ghz WAPs in range of my Apartment) and would turn off 2.4HGhz except for my Blackberry and Iphone. 5Ghz also does not get wiped out by Microwave ovens and Cordless phones(not for me anyway) as much as 2.4Ghz.

Any of the later 802.11N WAPs should be able to handle 50Mb/s.

Why would you need a high gain antenna? If you are in a noisy area then it would only amplify the noise. Having a wider range also exposes your WAP to more interference and hacking possibilities.

my 2 cents worth.

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Chandler, AZ
said by jh2010:

I would see how the 871 handles the traffic before worrying about upgrading.
also take into consideration the types of traffic being considered.
nat-table translations through something like bittorrent use more cpu resources than a simple download from a cdn or so.

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