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Hampton Bays, NY

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reply to Stiv2k

Re: Trying to repair laptop charging circuit

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said by cowboyro:

Looked for a part with similar or better characteristics
There must be a reason why it was destroyed. Unless it is found you will burn more parts.
Well the best reason for why it blew up was because of poor electricity coming from the wall. My mom explained that the lights flickered in the house at the time that this happened. I suppose it was either a voltage spike or power brownout? Not sure how those can effect electronics, but that's my best guess.
the adapter is a switched mode power supply.
it can handle a range between 80VAC and possibly 240VAC without affecting the 12VDC output.
fluctuations on the input side shouldnt affect the output side.
not unless the output regulation in the adapter is faulty, which is a strong possibility.
perhaps a faulty capacitor, solder connection inside the adapter.
the other possibility is the jack connection on the laptop.
if it has an intermittent connection, the spikes caused by it drawing current intermittently, would be enough to destroy the mosfet.
hopefully, the mosfet that shorted, is shorted to ground which would trigger the safety in the adapter to shut itself off, preventing 12VDC from flowing past the mosfet causing more damage.

Rm -Rf As Root

Orlando, FL

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Well I already tested the adapter and it puts out a solid 12V... although it was tested while not under load. I'll try to find a way to test the DC jack's continuity to see if it's intermittent or not, I have to do it w/o actually applying power and burning the mosfet even more.

EDIT: Should I buy a new genuine adapter to be safe? Is there any way to determine if this is absolutely necessary?

- Steve Bularca

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