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Chicago, IL

Help... Do signal boosters work?

Just switched to AT&T Wireless (iPhone) and I have NO signal at all in at least 75% of my apartment. In some areas I can get one bar (2G) and sometimes 2 bars for a short time. It appears from the maps that I'm at the edge of a 3G cell. But things are bad enough where I never get a 3G signal and my ability to make and receive calls at all is wildly unpredictable. (Not even going to dream of data or other 3G activities!) (BTW: I have had Sprint here for the past 3 years with strong signals and Verizon for 2 years before that, so it's not the building.)

Do any of the "Signal boosters" like the Wi-Ex zBoost work? I have to do something or it's going to be a VERY long 2 years of switching forwarding on & off to the land line.