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Loxahatchee, FL
reply to liquidman

Re: Unfair

said by liquidman:

... its unfair for you to lower your ease of installation, call quality, reliability and tech support not nil. They are solid on all the aspects. ...
Ease of installation: It was a nightmare to get their service up and running. There was an issue with proper caller ID not being sent. Tech support failed to resolve this and it was only my experimenting that actually got it to start working with my system. After that, they changed their system around so frequently to the point where I gave up trying to keep it working. So as for this category, I stand by my low rating.

Call quality: There are long delays in VP calls compared to the new company I deal with.

Reliability: When you dial a US number via VP, you expect it to go through. If it can't for some reason, you expect to get a message that says something like: "All circuits are busy, please try again." Unless they have changed it, VP simply gives a standard busy signal. This effectively LIES to you indicating that the call would have gone through, but the person on the other end was already talking on the phone. This LIE was discovered by calling that person on a cell phone and getting through immediately. Essentially, at least at that time, not all areas in the US were served by VP and calls to those areas were routed to a fake busy signal to make it look like they covered more area than they did. So, because of this, their reliability goes negative.

Tech support: Well, I have been able to contact them in the past, but with this last situation, they refused. So they get a zero on this for sure.

So, again, they were once a decent company, but they have gone bad. I'm with another company now. I wont be going back to VP and I'm sure they are happy about losing another customer.
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