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Richmond, VA

Cancelling domain - need alternative

I have owned a domain since 1995 (actually sold my firstname.com domain a couple of years ago for some decent coin). With the advent of facebook and other social networking sites sharing pictures has become super easy and free.

My issue is that I participate in many forums that I submit pictures to and also would like to have a way to upload docs/files in case I need to share them at some point.....not in need of a ton of space but would prefer an option like »mysite.hostingcompany.com or something similar with FTP options. I pay for storage to Pbase.com for photography but cant tell if that allows for anything outside of pictures. Any suggestions? I'd prefer ad free if possible. Thanks.
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Williamsport, IN
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Re: Cancelling domain - need alternative

Many ISPs still give free webspace. Wonder if you could get your ISP to create you a subdomain like you want. Otherwise look into twitpic or some of the other photo hosting services. They usually give you a decently formatted URL.