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reply to Stiv2k

Re: Trying to repair laptop charging circuit

You might want to read through this.

" Ceramic Input Capacitors Can Cause Overvoltage Transients"


"To illustrate the problem, a typical 24V wall adapter used in notebook computer applications was connected to the input of a typical notebook computer DC/DC converter.
The DC/DC converter used was a synchronous buck
converter that generates 3.3V from a 24V input."


Quickly turning on and off an SMPS can be a brutal test. If you have a scope cycle the input power to the board and view the input waveform, once you get it to work.

Rm -Rf As Root

Orlando, FL

an interesting read, but I do not currently have a scope so I cannot perform that test. I have, however, been giving some serious thought in purchasing one for learning purposes. So far I have been using the netbook for about 12 hours without any prolems, including the original A/C adapter so unless i experience another electricity fail I think I'll be OK.