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Laramie, WY

SMCWGBR14-N: remote PPTP access concentrator slow to respon

I live in the county where dsl/cable broadband is not available and have a high speed wireless provider. Internet connection to ISP is PPTP. Frequently I'm working along and suddenly lose internet connectivity. I log into the router and in the log is error "The remote PPTP access concentrator is slow to respond. There may be connectivity problems". I view the router's connection status and connection is still established to ISP but no traffic flows out the gateway. I can either reboot the router or click "disconnect" then "connect" and I get an active connection back. Sometimes this doesn't happen at all and other times it happens every few minutes. ISP loaned me a small generic router of his to test and his router works fine and he said Linksys also works well on his network. Is there anything I can do to improve my situation or should I just give up and switch? I contacted SMC tech support and after testing alternate device they replaced my router but the same problem still exists and they've not been able to resolve. I also have the newest firmware. I like my SMC and the USB printer port option so I'm resistant to change but I work from home and need a reliable connection.