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AtNex = no more?

So the connection goes down and up and down and up and down and finally just stays down this morning.

Tech support answered phone on Thursday but not yesterday and today seems like even the mailbox is full.

So I go and connect to a neighbors wifi and open atnex.net and get this "amerion" thing instead? WTH is that? Is Atnex no more?

We need to be back up soonish...


OK, the amerion thing is a false alarm, apparently stupid me typed atnet.net instead of atnex.net. LOL

But the tech support phone line is still of no use. And we are still down...


reply to so_long
Hey so_long,

This Mike from Atlantic Nexus if you could email me at michael.cooper@atlanticnexus.com I can assist you with your issue. You can also call 770-222-4455 I am on call until 9pm tonight. My Hours are 6pm-9pm M-F and Sundy 10am -6pm If you are still having issues please give me or one of my teamembers a call.

Atnex Team.


reply to so_long
Hey so_long,

This is Mike from Atlantic Nexus,

I am sorry you have not been able to get a hold of us. I will pm you my private number to make sure you can get a hold of me so we can get you back online.

Mike Atnex Team

AtNex Mgt

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We are in business and in good working order. If you have a problem, just call in. If you don't get a human, leave a message and we'll call back. We do, occasionally, have other phone calls. But we want to help & make your service work properly.


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Atlantic Nexus merged with one of the other quality regional ISPs. Its the one that caters mostly to businesses. I think they are here to stay, but I have bad phone lines and have been using the neighbors open wireless who has comcast and staying online more with them. Plus they are getting 9.6 down/3 up vs 5.5 down and 300kb up. I know, the customer service sucks, but my DSL line is not staying in sync even with a noise profile.


Acworth, GA
reply to so_long
My connection has been shakey the past day or so as well. I hope they get this worked out soon.