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Cheyenne, WY

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Bresnan Customer Service TOP NOTCH

Just had to comment. You all know that I've had nothing but good service with bresnan since I've had them. I recognize that some out there aren't happy with their local connections, but mine has always been good. 15mb down (Closer to 15.75) and 1 mb up. Worst times, when all the kids get home from school, it's still better than 12mb down and 1mb up. Usually around 25ms to local server tests, and about 45-50ms to east and west coast.

Well, for the last 3+ weeks, my service has dropped considerably. Pings were fine, tracert were normal, all was good; except download speeds were about 3-3.5mb. 13-15 different speed tests; downloading files; etc... all were in the 3-3.5mb area. Called Bresnan and spoke with Erik at tier 1 and Zan at tier 2. If I'd been paying for 3-5mb service, I'd say the service was acting perfecting. We did all the normal tests and everything looked good, or at least "Normal" for my setup that I've always had. They escalated the ticket to the local shop who was going to schedule a truck roll out on Monday. They mentioned some issues with Sprint (Backhaul) and they looked at that. Not sure if the local shop/head end worked on the situation friday during the day, (They didn't come to the house); but some time on friday, everything was back to normal. Modem power levels are a bit high, but within specs of cable modems, (Plus they are the same levels I've ALWAYS had); and now the speed is back to normal.

I'd just like to say that Erik and Zan at Bresnan were both what customer service is all about. No, nothing is perfect. And sometimes there are snafu's and fubar's. It's technology, and I expect issues from time to time. (If you don't expect it, then you're not realistic). But what matters is how the customer service handles those snafu's. Mayb my issues were automatically fixed when the sprint issue was being addressed. Maybe I got lucky. Maybe a tech was working on something locally and it fixed me at the same time. And maybe customer service really didn't do much. But that isn't important. What is important is that they didn't just blow me off. They called me directly at my house. They emailed me at least 4 times. They stayed up on it. And that is what I want from a company's support staff. I'm not expecting perfect uptime service. That's not real. But the customer service is real.

Unfortunately, there are times that bresnan can't fix issues immediately because they inherited some crappy local facilities and cabling. I'm fortunate that this isn't the case for me in my neighborhood. But they do see to be working on all that. Just wanted to say thanks to zan/erik at Bresnan and that if anyone does have a problem with their service, I believe bresnan will do whatever they can to help. later... mike....

Displaced Ohioan
Denver, CO
Hmm, I have been having the 3mbit issue as well. I should probably call.

But I agree, their customer service is pretty good. My DVR decided it no longer wanted to be a DVR last night. I couldn't record or view previous shows. I called them this morning and within 10 minutes the issue was fixed.

I'll probably give them another call about the 3mbit issue but it isn't that big of deal at the moment. Mainly because my pings are low.
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