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Reading, PA

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reply to Drumtrip88

Re: NJ- Ch.986 added for Masters in 3D

As seen on regular HDTV with guide overlay up

As seen on 3D HDTV (without glasses) with guide overlay up.

A proper pre 3D processed side by side transmisison with compensated overlay.

As seen on 3DTV through glasses - non compensated ITV widget (callerid)
If you wonder what the OSD elements may look like, here goes my quick photoshop.

I just took the iGuide flip bar graphic from Comcast's site, hence the "Adventure Camp" on Discovery SD.

But since the TV will sense the Side by Side 3D transmission in the 1920x1080 frame compatible 3D, it will stretch each side to fit the screen and alternate each side on tight timing that is also sent to the glasses.

I know, you might be thinking that's disgusting to stretch a 960 image horizontally to 1920. Well when the brain interprets the 3D, the depth makes up for the loss in resolution.

What will end up happening in the future, a guide update where iGuide (or whatever the future guides are called); will detect the 3D signal. Then they will squish up just right on each side by side frame, so when the TV expands it, the UI elements line up and are legible.