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Burnt Out Cynic

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Re: [Rant] ps3 update = no more Linux

What can you expect? It's Sony! King of the DRM, the ones who made the sony cd-rookit which malware could use to further exploit a system, the ones who wanted to make blu-ray the oxymoronic ever-changing drm standard, and the moment the integrity of the console is broken it would allow for modification of the ps3 console operating system. You could say they are preventing people from cheating in games/online play, or protecting their DRM.
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Yeah, I know. Should've just bought a cheap stand alone blu-ray player instead of a console that supposedly would do "everything"

There is one aspect of this which makes no sense to me, and that is blu-ray playback.

If blu-ray discs can supposedly update players with the latest keys (or whatever DRM), then why should leaving the PS3 OS at a lower level even matter?

Why shouldn't DRM on disc be able to update the player component instead of requiring the whole system to be updated?

Are they now also intentionally breaking their own DRM design?

What if I had no internet access, and no way of updating the PS3 firmware?

I thought the whole idea of blu-ray's DRM scheme was to allow for newer discs to update the player's encryption such that playback would still work, even with no internet access on the blu-ray player..........

Are they going to mandate that a new firmware for PS3 be included on blu-ray movies? Doubt that would go over well.

Personally, I don't care about the PSN. Don't game online with it. Patches for games are nice I guess, but are the absolutely needed???

This whole thing reeks of massive class action lawsuit.

If there is a patch available, you must download it or else you can't play the game.