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Re: [Rant] ps3 update = no more Linux

Screw Sony. I want my $400 back!! One selling point of the ps3 for me was the capability to run it as a small linux-based media server that sits beside the TV when I'm not playing games and such. Now they are going to take this feature I paid for away? I will never buy another Sony product again and everyone else who thinks this is disgusting should follow suit. The feature was advertised when I paid $400 for the console, along with other users. AT&T pulled the same type of thing with my Matrix, telling me I had to upgrade phones to get my TV back. They are going too at end of contract. I will suffer with VZW's lackluster signal by getting a mobile antenna/amp setup. What the hell is wrong with corporations these days? It is one thing to remove something from market or stop supporting it. It is entirely another to yank it from a device that has already been paid for. Really, I mean it, Sony. I'll give you my console and you give me $400. I paid for a device that can run Linux, not one that you can take features away from at will.
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This illustrates a somewhat disturbing issue with much of today's equipment that has an Internet connection built-in. Any time they want, the manufacturer can force an update on you that removes features. And before anyone says that you don't have to install the 3.21 update: If you don't install it, you'll lose what are, in my view, far more important features of the console. So it's really a choice: What features do you want to lose?

I never used the "Other OS" feature nor had any plan to, but I feel sorry for people who do use it and are now up shit creek. It's not like they had to run an illegal patch or do some runaround to enable another OS; it's right there in the PS3 system menus. If they'd had to hack the system (like an iPhone jailbreak for example), they should understand that the exploit they used might be closed at any time. But this was a legitimately exposed and documented feature. I would never have expected it to suddenly disappear and cause issues for me if I had chosen to use it when it was available.

Granted, a very small portion of people used the "Other OS" feature, but I don't like the thought that maybe one day some feature I'm using will be magically removed and I'll just have to put up with it.

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