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This is a sub-selection from Oh really?

Michael C

Cedar Park, TX
reply to fiberguy

Re: Oh really?

What part of the TOS/AUP agreement were the Comcast BitTorrent users disregarding? There wasn't an explicit threshold set at that time that constituted "excessive use". So basically they were punished for violating some moving threshold that they could never really know. That punishment also came in the form of Comcast subversively forging packets and then lying to those customers about it. Sounds to me like they had every right to be a little pissed off.

And when Windstream purposefully/accidentally hijacked Google toolbar, those consumers had every right to scream at them. We're going to see more and more of this. This is just the beginning. Consumers shouldn't have to go grab their pitchforks and riot every time ISPs pull stunts like this. That's what the FCC should be doing.

Just because it's only a minority of consumers who are getting screwed doesn't make it any less wrong.

My views are my own.
What part of the TOS/AUP? Ummmm.. were you UPLOADING and running a server based application on a residential service?

.. there's your answer.