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Oakland, CA

ISDN Netopia R3100-U modem(/router)

Now that ISDN is almost dead and my lone ISDN client already has a new backup modem/router, I just might chuck four new Netopia ISDN R3100-U routers (which don't have POTS jacks anyway).

I bought them in bulk because it was cheaper than buying one new! Amazing. My client has one and I'm just sitting on 4. I remember when a crappy Ascend ISDN modem cost $800 and that was a good deal. That's hitech.

Should I throw away my dust-gathering Netopia R3100U routers?

BTW, in my opinion you should only use them as modems and absolutely shouldn't trust their ancient firewall features. They were designed before all the cheap Ethernet routers came out with good firewalls.


Oakland, CA
Well, I didn't get any advice on this, and I'm tired of having this box of 4 new Netopia R3100-U modems taking up space (I only needed one but bought 5 in bulk because it was much cheaper than buying 1 elsewhere), so.......

I'm going to leave the box of them on the street. Some of you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, and if you want them, they'll be on the uphill corner of ERIE ST & MANDANA in Oakland (near Lake Merritt) in a brown 18" box starting at 1:40 AM PDT (California) 4/16/10 with "NETOPIA" written in black.

If no one takes them I'll post on Craigslist, but you guys are the likely users. I hate throwing them away and I don't want to waste time selling them.

Come and get 'em.