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College Point, NY

Yeah, bring it on. Value-added products - good for consumers

We're 4 months away from ditching VZ, "promised" FIOS within 6-12 months three (3) years ago so settled for lowest tier 768/128 DSL on aging, ever-neglected copper wires since - got "boosted" to 1.0/384 services last year but got issues !! VZ Fios store - nearby - opened last year but still clueless about availability on our block. Thick cables pulled on primary streets & avenues at least 6 months ago & folks on the next 2 blocks and 6 to 8 blocks further to the north can order & actually got FIOS installed by the new "white" VZ van 2 or 3 months ago.

VZ's wifi and especially its software is a JOKE, and it's actually using Boingo & owned/acquired by AT&T wireless and I can simply use my Starbuck accounts to simplify access at the cafe & skip the VZ hotspot finder completely.

Now, with all 3 NYC cable providers joining together to spread wifi coverage and with VZW bringing on higher priced mandatory data fees for even non-smartphone devcies, we're ready to realize & pocket some serious savings on our VZW bills on the go - once we get to quadtriple our HSI speed at home. Why not, especially in this economic climate - where every dollar saved are counted (well, it certainly help to fill up that gas tank, price of regular is now back up to $3.15 a gallon for cash at local gasoline stations ....)


Cleveland, OH
Boingo is NOT ATT. WayPort is ATT.