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Indian Orchard, MA

Double sided sward

I'm wondering what the other side of the blade will bring? It's "unlike" two (never mind three) competing companies to freely join forces.

Other Things On My Mind
Pompton Lakes, NJ
this is easy. It's a way for Cablevision to PAY for the service and gain a few more access sites for their existing customers. Even it's not continuous coverage, it looks good on paper (Free Hot Spots from NY to Conn!)

1. CV already Spent $300 mill for the upgrade to D3 and put in the WiFi as a potential extra feature.
2. It's of little value unless there are more sites in NYC where TWC is king and the Comcast places which pocket Cablevisions area. CV bid on wiring the LIRR.
3. Comcast has no access to lot's of areas around Manhattan and little in Manhattan, so providing any access is a plus to them
4. TWC is Manhattan but little outside Manhattan so it's a plus for them.
5. IF TWC and Comcast add additional spots (maybe they're using CV's staff/contractors to deploy and manage and do the D3 upgrade) it may be a big cost savings to them while making money for CV and reducing the costs since they would be bigger buyers of equipment.