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Respice, Adspice, Prospice
Onion, NJ
reply to limegrass69

Re: yonkers

said by limegrass69:

said by AVD:

I can detect a cablevision, a comcast and a timewarner hotspot at my Dad's house in Yonkers. I doubt that CC and TW have set up their own infrastructure there, so it appears that this was unofficial policy in the past.
It's all the same hot spot...just serving three separate SSID's. You had to connect to the right SSID for your cable provider in order to authenticate. The article implies that all authentication has now been unified.
agreed, but what's the real world difference?
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There is no real world difference now.

Before this announcement, you had to make sure your device was associated with the proper SSID and properly authenticated with your ISP. Now you can move between any one of them without having to worry. More seamless. I've had instances where I was connected to CV's SSID, then it would drop to xfinity or TWC for some reason. I'd have to go back and manually reconnect. No longer an issue. It's also no longer an issue who owns the AP.