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Princeton Junction, NJ
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Re: It's not "free"

They should figure out a way to serve up free wifi from any customer's cable modem. The wifi would be free to use by any subscriber of the 3 services, and bandwidth used would not count against the customer's limit if used by other people, and QOS would prioritize the customer's own traffic.
That would expand the network into every neighborhood, and any business that subscribes to one of the 3 services would be able to offer free wifi to their customers.
Of course, the cell companies like AT&T would like it because it would significantly reduce the load on their network, while the customer is still paying for 3G from AT&T. In Manhattan, it's hard to be out of range of any Wi-Fi network. If they were all free for cable customers, most mobile bandwidth would go out over the wi-fi networks. The cable companies can handle the traffic much easier with DOCSIS 3.0.