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This is a sub-selection from WTG!!


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Re: WTG!!

This is great for me and my iPhone.
I'm a cablevision customer but I'm on the outer edge of cablevision territory, I spend most of my time at work and out in comcast territory, so cablevision's wifi is mostly useless to me, I also have access to AT&T wifi spots because I'm a AT&T customers

Free wifi with a service I already pay for is a great customer added bonus.
The cell phone companies shouldn't mind too much since they already have me locked into a 3G contract for my iPhone\
Might be a reason for them not to go to per byte billing.

Think about it AT&T I now spend 90% of my time within reach of some kind of WiFi, I'm sure I could get away with a pretty small data plan, better off to leave me stuck paying $30 than reduce revenue lol