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Cheyenne, WY
reply to gjdunga

Re: Voip Concerns - Unblockable numbers, Second Opion Please!

As cablegeek correctly pointed out, Bresnan "Digital Phone" is NOT "VOIP". There's a big difference between digital phone and voip. Personally, I recommend getting REAL VOIP. One of the best, and least expensive providers in the country is "VoipO.com". Check them out. Even if you lose part of your discount for NOT having a triple-play, you will only pay about 1/3 the cost for your phone. You'll also have a lot more control over it.

But if you want to try and keep bresnan phone and fix your problem, it is possible. Treat the OUTPUT (Analog signal from the bresnan phone box) that you normally connect your phone to, as an FXO line. Think of it as a C.O. line. Make this your TRUNK line to your PBX (Asterisk Server). Then, you can do whatever you want in the Asterisk. Bresnan has no control over what you do with the analog portion of the signal once you have it. Yes, this is double conversion. Yes, a slight delay. But unless you are willing to get "REAL VOIP", which bresnan is NOT, this is where you have to start. Once in your asterisk, you "might" have a chance of filtering certain calls. Best of luck.