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Re: [Networking] Online Gaming on HughesNet

Facebook Games

Farmville - Works, takes some time for the Marketplace to pop up and if its not loaded in less then 5 mins refesh the page. Just don't have too much farmville items or its going to take forever to load.

Mifia Wars - Works but I sometimes have problems loading properties...I sure its not a hughesnet glitch but give it time.

Fishville - Works but my dad's g/f says "saving tank" keeps popping up random when she feeds her fish.

Cafe World - every time she loads this game my fap hits hard for some odd reason. I never check it out but i suggest staying away.

/end of facebook games


xbox 360: What you can do - you can log in, update your system and games, check messages, buy XBLA games, look at peoples gamer score and compare games, share your gamercard all over the net of what games you playing. you can play one or two games online and that's either Texas Hold'em or UNO but requires god membership. If you want DLC (download content) then you would have to use to send over to your console. Just make sure to download large updates 2am to 7am

xbox 360: What you CANT do - no netflix, no party chat, no, matchmaking games. that's right no Halo, Gears of War, Call Of Duty, Grand Theft Auto 4. you think you are not lagging but other players will see you sliding, bouncing here and there and everybody be thinking you are a cheater and get console banned for life on xbox live. Gold membership is a waste of time. you cannot use Marketplace on the console. it keeps getting me a time out error code.

So what can I do to play MP games? Do it like I do, setup a LAN (Local Area Connection) full of computers All you need is a router. I have 7 computers on each room where I play COD4 and CODWaW PC with OpenWarfare mod for custom game mods and maps. Its very fun to play LAN based games. my friends that experience online gaming says LAN is better because you don't lag at all. My suggestion, use wired connection because wi-fi does not cut it.

Also you can do the same with the xbox 360. buy more systems. too cheap to buy the same game then use your head and google. that's all I got to say. Make sure all xbox's hook on the same router or you'll get a failure to connect host.
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