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Magalia, CA

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New to ISDN, need help getting set up

Me and my brother are really wanting to get rid of our crappy dial up connection (no cable, DSL, WISPS, etc in our area) so we can game somewhat better, but we really need help getting set up. From what ive researched, this is what ive found that i need to do.

1. Get an ISDN line from our phone company (AT&T), while trying not to get ripped off in the process.

2. Get an ISDN router, what is the best router to get, while not costing insane amounts? i hear everyone talking about the cisco 804 ISDN model router (is this fine? » ··· 1&sr=8-1 ) it says it is ISDL so i dont know if that would work, and i dont even know what ISDL is (is it cheaper? faster? much harder to get?)

3. If i get one ISDN phone line, does this replace my normal phone line? like can i just stop paying for that line altogether? and will i achieve 128kbs speed with that one ISDN line?

4. Is it really hard to configure an ISDN router after we get one? maybe someone can direct me somewhere where someone explains it better.

5. How much does your ISDN cost in total? I know it varies greatly depending on where you live, but im just curious.

Any help is really appreciated.

edit: after looking more into IDSL, i would like to know about that too, like if i need to get an isdn line installed to use the service? i realize that it doesnt double as a phone line so i need to keep my old phone line.


Cadillac, MI
For me the line is about $58/mo.
I have peoplepc as my provider. I used to have/love localnet, but they developed some sort of authentication issue that made their service unusable. After hanging in with them for 2 or 3 months while they "fixed" it, they didn't fix it.

I use a cisco 804. $30-ish is what I'll spend on a router.
Talk to The Gizmo, he just upgraded:
»Farewell ISDN!

I decided to pass on picking up his router. I have a spare for every one I have in the field.


Vanleer, TN
reply to LinkD
I pay 44.00 a month in Tenn, I use MSN dial up as the ISP , pops both channels no problem

you might look into to millenicom 3 g wireless it may work for you if you have a cell signal , there is a great forum here millenicom and one of the members Jim in VA has a very good website with lots of info

as far as modems or terminal adapters , if you have cisco experience go with the 804's

if not 3 com makes a couple models , I always been fond of the Impact IQ , very easy to set up , ill have 2 in a couple weeks to sell as im going T1

you can use your isdn as your primary line but you d have to purchase long distance , basically you get 2 lines 2x64 , when a call comes in it drops one and you can be on internet at 1x64 and have a voice on the other , when you hang up it picks the other back up

I searched tried everything else , finally going to bite the bullet and buy a T1, expensive but i work from home 3 days a week and it should level it out