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Las Vegas, NV

Wireless EVDO in Rural Texas City

It seems this forum is dead, no activity?

Anyway, I have been getting really bad service from Cyberonic lately. I used to be able to get at least 0.80 MB/s download but lately I can only get between 0.10 and 0.35 MB/s download, which is really bad! I have called Cyberonic numerous times and they keep saying they can't do much about it. I suspect that because I am the only customer they have in this area so they don't care. The signal should not go down so much gradually every day by itself without any reason. It seems it's a scam to get me sign up with their service with acceptable download speed, then gradually reduce the signal (or whatever they did). To get a 0.10 MB/s download speed is completely ridiculous! I am looking into another Broadband wireless service for my area, unfortunately, there aren't too many choices. I live in rural area of Millsap, TX.

Thank you.


They're a reseller, so if the local provider does not want to expand coverage or tweak it for your area, then there is really little they can do about it. They should be your advocate with the original provider, but it doesn't mean they will have direct impact.

This forum was more lively when DSL discussions were going on. Wireless is just not that interesting...


Las Vegas, NV
Thank you, JackKane, for your reply.