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This is a sub-selection from [Networking] Online Gaming on HughesNet

Doc Lithius

Rock, MI

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Re: [Networking] Online Gaming on HughesNet

I can't seem to edit my opening post anymore, so I'll tack this on here:

- Guild Wars (addendum) -- After some testing, I found out that "Rollerbeetle Racing", a mini-game in Guild Wars, is somewhat incompatable with HughesNet. Oh, you can play it alright, but due to how the netcode works in Guild Wars, you might end up teleporting around that corner you just drove by, "hiccupping" back a few meters at random, or otherwise being unable to finish the race in the alloted time. After five races, I came in 8th place out of 8 due to the lag spikes and such, these happening during off-peak hours.

- Rakion (Doesn't work) -- You can make a character, you can look for rooms, and you can play the tutorial all you want, but even if you make a room with only you inside of it, the game still needs a steady high-speed connection. Once the map loads, you'll immediately be booted back out into the room with a "loading time over, please check your connection" error.

ISP: HughesNet Satellite Internet
Modem Model: HN9000
Service Plan: ProPlus (525MB/day, 1.6 Mbps Down 250 Kbps Up)