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I Void Warranties

Billings, MT

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Crappy connection? Check your router!

I go through routers like water sometimes. Eventually I got sick of it (around a couple years ago) and built my own using Linux.

It's not that hard, and can handle ANYTHING. Here's the list of routers I went through:

Linksys BEFW11S4 (802.11b router. It would lock up in 2-3 minutes as a router, now runs without problems as an AP.)
ZyXEL P-320W (802.11g router. I got 5 of these on eBay for cheap.. They would lock up in around 4 minutes as a router, but run great as an AP.)
D-Link DI-514 (802.11b router. It didn't even survive a minute as a router. It now runs perfectly as an AP)
D-Link DI-624 (802.11g router. This one lasted around 10 minutes as a router. Now an AP without issues)

It seems no one makes a solid router anymore. Once you shove a crapload of traffic through it, it locks up. Now, if you want to pay $200+ for one, go ahead.

My best bet was to build one. My main router is a Dual P3 @ 1GHz with 512MB of RAM running Gentoo Linux. Overkill, sure.. but what's nice is I haven't went down at all.. even my secondary router (P-200MMX, 128MB RAM, Gentoo Linux) runs without issues when I do maintenance on the primary.

So, the next time you think it's your connection, PLEASE check your router first. It could be locking up on you. If it is, just head to your local Goodwill/Rescue Mission and grab an old Pentium or PII and set it up.

If you decide to keep your wireless router and use it strictly as an AP, follow these steps.

1. Connect router directly to your computer.
2. Do a factory reset on the wireless router.
3. Disable the DHCP server on the wireless router.
4. Set up the IP of the wireless router to x.x.x.2 (or something)
5. Save settings and reboot the new AP.
6. Disconnect it from your computer and plug it into your switch. Only use the LAN ports, don't use the WAN port.
7. Log into the AP (x.x.x.2).
8. Setup the SSID and Wireless Security settings.
9. Save, reboot, and you're off to problem free Internet.

Remember to setup a DHCP server, on your new router. Both Wireless and Wired boxes will talk to each other without issues.

If you want any pointers, I'd be glad to throw some your way.
Bresnan 15M/1M
MyWS[P4HT@3.2GHz,2GB RAM,2x1TB HDDs,Win7]
WifeWS[P4HT@3GHz,2GB RAM,60GB HDD,Win7]
Router[2xP3@1GHz,512MB RAM,18GB HDD,SMC 8432BTA,2xDigital DE504,Compaq NC3131,Intel Pro/1000MT,IBM Gigabit Ethernet-SX,Allied Telesyn AT-2560FX,Gentoo Linux]