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This is a sub-selection from [Networking] Online Gaming on HughesNet

reply to Doc Lithius

Re: [Networking] Online Gaming on HughesNet

hughes says in their advertising that you can " watch movies online" well our net slows to a crawl in the evening hours it should say watch movies at 3AM. If you dont get hit with FAP, no its not good for any gaming anymore. when we started WOW our lat was 700...I know there will be lat but, now after we upgraded to the 9000 our lat is never below 1200 and goes to 20000 in the evenings..useless for anything. As far as checking email if thats all hughes is good for i can do that on dialup.

Doc Lithius

Rock, MI
Got another couple that I forgot about until recently:
- Furcadia (Works!) -- Works perfectly aside from the usual input lag stuff! Doesn't work any worse than on dial-up most times.
- Rumble Fighter (Doesn't work?) -- It opens, gives a "P2P server is closed" error message, and that's it. But I'm still not convinced this doesn't work on HughesNet. I'm presently waiting to hear back from an OGPlanet tech support person to see if maybe there's something really dumb that I missed somewhere...
ISP: HughesNet Satellite Internet
Modem Model: HN9000
Service Plan: ProPlus (525MB/day, 1.6 Mbps Down 250 Kbps Up)


Kernville, CA
Thanks Doc, appreciate the time and effort on this