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kelly b


trying to change out outdated equipment at end of contract

I'm loyal and have had no complaints till now, my contract is finished and I want to upgrade my equipment for what was not even available 3 years ago. Xplornet wants me to pay for upgrade, technical support told me to wait out contract and cancel contract call up dealer and do a new activation and 3 year contract alieviating the upgrade cost and giving me a guarantee on equip. Already had everything in place went to cancel and was told I need to talk to the loyalty department and that I will not be able to get services for 6 months if I cancel. If this is how they deal with loyal customers I am through with xplornet all equipment is coming down within the hour and I am off line till either they make amends or I find a new provider which ever comes first. Would not put me through to loyalty department they will contact me @ their earliest confenience


Mission, BC
Lots of people have more than one system/account..

I suspect you could start up a new account with three year term first...then after that is put in place cancell your old system which is no longer under contract...
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