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This is a sub-selection from [Networking] Online Gaming on HughesNet

Max Mouse


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reply to Doc Lithius

Re: [Networking] Online Gaming on HughesNet

Doesn't playing online games will only cause you to fap in less than 40 minutes... Thats the reason why I ain't buying/downloading online games right now... >_>

depends on the game. wow no... could play wow 24 hours a day if u felt like it.

Tombstone, AZ
reply to Max Mouse
said by Max Mouse:

Doesn't playing online games will only cause you to fap in less than 40 minutes... Thats the reason why I ain't buying/downloading online games right now... >_>
Downloading the games would probably FAP you unless you used the download manager. Playing them probably would not.
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With 4 computers logged into EverQuest I average 15 to 25 megs an hour so playing mmorpg's at least is not likely to get you fapped unless you have one of the budget plans with low faps.
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Doc Lithius

Rock, MI

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reply to Max Mouse
said by Max Mouse:

Doesn't playing online games will only cause you to fap in less than 40 minutes... Thats the reason why I ain't buying/downloading online games right now... >_>
Short Answer: Not generally.
Long Answer: In almost no circumstance will an online game run your FAP over. Even Second Life, which is very download-intensive, runs a fairly low amount of bandwidth per hour. (In my experience, around 10-30 MB.) I actually happen to have a trio of stats handy for analysis.

Scorched3D (Online Mode): 0.03 MB/min (32.4 MB for 18 Hours)
Ragnarok Online: 0.05 MB/min (54.0 MB for 18 Hours)
World of Warcraft: 0.08 MB/min (86.4 MB for 18 Hours)

As you can see, it's not quite as intensive as you might think, but it can add up if you're doing things like multi-boxing (MMO slang for "playing multiple accounts at one time") or things like that.

In addition to this, I have new data to add to the thread.

- Maple Story (Confirmed: Works!) -- mihakken mentioned a few posts back that MapleStory works on HughesNet just fine...and he wasn't kidding! I didn't play for a long while, but I played enough to get a feel for things. Attacking enemies and playing the game works perfectly! Picking up items, not as much. You can grab items, but there'll be a second delay or so before you can grab your loot. You may want to invest in a pet to do this for you if you're worried about thieving vultures hovering over your laggy self.
- GunBound (Works!) -- Works perfectly! The only major snag I've found is that you can't see where the other tanks are aiming as they're aiming, but since it's all turn-based, that's pretty irrelivant to begin with.
- Scorched3D (Works!) -- How I missed this one earlier, I don't know, but this game works perfectly online! Perhaps even better than GunBound! Even in Simultaneous Mode (everyone fires at once), there's no hang-ups and no noticible issues.

And just so you don't think it's all good news... XD
- Armagetron (Works, But Not Recommended) -- Oh, you can play just fine. I played a few rounds on a random server just recently, in fact. But with a ping of over 1,000, you're gonna end up smashing into walls at a record breaking pace! Still, it makes for an interesting show sometimes.

Big update regarding PlanetSide!!!
Okay. I know that someone out there mentioned PlanetSide, a first-person shooter by Sony Computer Entertainment, worked well with HughesNet. Well, after trying it for a couple of hours, I am extremely happy to report that it does indeed work on HughesNet just fine! Which is a big, but pleasant surprise fo anyone out there who wanted to come back into PlanetSide since migrating to HughesNet. As usual, there's a good second of lag between when you shoot someone and when they take damage, but the important thing here is that they take damage! No one warps around, no one skips or disappears... You can see enemies and enemies can see you! As far as I can tell, there is absolutely no noticable down side to playing PlanetSide on HughesNet despite the fact it's a first-person shooter! How cool is that? Sure, it may not be Counter-Strike or Team Fortress 2, but it's something!
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reply to zeddlar

Re: [Networking] Online Gaming on HughesNet

World of Warcraft works on Hughesnet. I would not recommend pursueing any type of PvP goals with it. You are simply too far behind in an environment that requires split second reaction times. Big PvP is fine where lots of players are around but PvP in areans or dueling will just result in a headache.

Its hard enough raiding in WoW with Hughesnet. You have to be the best player in your raid just to be average. You will find yourself being constantly called out for standing in the fire or not moving fast enough when you get a debuff that requries you to run away. You always have to be on top of your game when playing in satellite internet. Its even better to use addons like DBM so you can get an idea of about when the boss is about to do something so you can prepare to move incase it targets you. Even though DBM will still be off by a couple seconds because of latency.