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Freedom is NOT Free
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reply to strange_69

Re: POTS 911 vs Vonage 911

said by strange_69:

I went out and bought a UPS for my modem, router and vonage adapter and found out that when I loose power, so does my isp. ugh.
I had the same problem with Comcast as my ISP. I switched to DSL which for me has no local power requirements since my circuits are connected directly to the CO. A telco CO runs on multiple banks of batteries the size of refrigerators, and they also usually have their own generators for charging the batteries when utility power fails. OTOH, any fiber based internet connection will require at least one place where local power is required, and the battery/generator backup for such remote equipment is nowhere near as reliable (or long lasting) as a in a typical CO.
History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid.
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Ridgecrest, CA
Well, I was pretty much screwed by Verizon. I have fiber running right to my house but Verizon is unwilling to upgrade it to FIOS. Because it is fiber running to my house, I cannot get DSL either. So the best speed I could get over my phone line was 28.8 kps (which is not an option). Therefore, I told Verizon to stick it and went with cable and Vonage. Vonage has worked out great for me although I have never had to use the E911 feature (thank God). I do have a cell phone for back-up though, just in case.
Vonage user since Mar 2004.