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Los Angeles, CA

Old Sunrocket Customer - Shortime TB customer Need Advice

I live in a super-charming 90+ year old building. It has 90+ year old phone boxes and and wiring. Landlines do NOT work here. I don't have U-Verse available in my neighborhood. I beyond HATE Vonage and am now having problomes with my CRAZY over-priced Time-Warner phones!!

I had Teleblend for a few months after Sunrocket went under and I don't recall any particular problems with service. Billing was a different issue. PLUS at the time the only way you could ACTUALLY get in touch with someone from TB was through e-mail since phone support was a 4+ hour hold.

Can I please get some REGULAR users opinions on TB today? I don't want a pile of disgruntled users unless there is a recurring theme and would prefer not to hear from fanbois or employees. Just regular everyday people using TB.

Tnaks in advance for your input

Portsmouth, NH
You may have a long wait here.
I recommend that you post your question here:
»/forum ··· +viatalk

The Teleband forum isn't followed by many.


Leesburg, VA
reply to darbacour
One option that you could do if you still have your Gizmo is to sign up for the normal service. Don't port your number just yet, and see if you are happy with the service. When you think you are ready to port your number, just give us a call and we can start the process for you.

Our 15.95 plan does not have any contracts, so if you don't like the service you could just cancel.


Cleveland, OH

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reply to darbacour
I have been a TB customer since they took over for Sunrocket.
While the initial was rough.. I have to say that my service has been rock solid for years now. The billing is correct every month no problem.

The features are all about the same since Sunrocket . I like the call blocking, and click to call, and I like the voice mail screener. These features keep me a customer. I don't know of any other provide that has the voice mail screener.

While I have not had any issues I would say that the worst
I have heard of is »No Teleblend Inbound since mid-October The customer lost his phone number and he had to go back to his former POTS provider to get his phone number back. Months went by and no one at TB seemed to care.

While switching to any new provider seems to be a roll of the dice. I wish you good luck!

Got Helix?
Putnam, CT

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reply to darbacour
Personally I would look for another provider that is well received, has strong support, and has an active involvement with the forums. There are many other providers over Teleblend. I use Voipo along with Viatalk and they are solid providers.


Apex, NC
reply to darbacour
I've been with Sunrocket and, later with Teleblend since they took over.
I don't really recall any downtime I had since then. Maybe couple times during Sunrocket - Teleblend transition, but not in the recent 4-5 years. I didn't have to call for billing issues or technical support, so I can't comment on that. Though, I had to have my gizmo ports reprogrammed once and I posted the request on this forum for TBSUPPORT1 and he was very helpfull and did it in less than a day. I was very pleased. They have great features set for very competetive price and it's been for me rock solid.


Hinckley, OH
reply to darbacour
I have had teleblend since the sunrocked changeover. It has just worked for me. No or very few issues. I like not having the drama.

reply to darbacour
I was a Sunrocket customer that switched over to TB. I've had them since then and have had several outages. I called and they were able to get me back up and running, and is usually pretty solid.

My phones are down again however. No dial tone and when anyone calls my house they get a message that says my voicemail box is full. I tried to call TB today to get the issue resolved, and I get the same message on their number (I was calling from my cell phone) or the call just doesn't go through. The number I tried is one I found on their website: (800) 415-5635.

I'm looking for a different company to switch to, because when TB works it is good, but my phone goes down too often. I'm open to suggestions too if anyone knows of a good inexpensive voip to switch to.

Aw Man
Annapolis, MD
·Verizon FiOS
reply to darbacour
Had SR, have TB now. I'm an every person who uses TB...but I don't use it every day...
It's my secondary line. Maybe 20 calls a month.
Of those calls, every one has gone through and the service is up and running. Occasionally there's a small delay on the line, but not terrible...though maybe it would be if it happens a lot and I used the line more often...

Billing is fine. It's gone up a couple $$ since the TB move but still competitive with all the other offerings (I actually have two numbers sharing that line).

So that's that.
Don't Lie - Be Kind - Realize your Potential


Los Angeles, CA
reply to darbacour
Wow SR and TB old-timers thank you so much for your honest input and response. Sorry I haven't revisited sooner. TW keeps bribing me to stay with them but It's getting unbearable .... even for LESS than FREE!

My TW phone has crapped out about 3 times since my last truck-roll (Friday) and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO over it. SR NEVER went down unless my brodband went down.

These days I have 25M RR that has NEVER required a powere-cycle in over 6moths. It's beyond rock solid so BB should never be an issue.

IS there a phone numbe for TB? I do want to know I can call if my phone service craps outs

Too busy to chat
Boca Raton, FL
·CIKTEL Telecom
said by darbacour:

IS there a phone number for TB? I do want to know I can call if my phone service craps out
Hmmm! Confusing statement. How can you call ... if your phone service craps out?!?!

Did you miss the TB phone number offered by tekcor1 above?

PX Eliezer70
Hutt River
reply to darbacour
said by darbacour:

IS there a phone number for TB? I do want to know I can call if my phone service craps outs
This is on their website. Have you tried these methods?!

You can contact customer service by:
- Clicking on the Live Support icon
- Email
During the hours of 8am to 9pm EDT on Monday through Friday

-- Dialing 0 from your TeleBlend phone
-- Dialing 611 from your TeleBlend phone
-- Dialing 1-877-415-5635 from any phone