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Marble Hill, MO

DSL in rural area?

Yesterday I filled out their DSL pre-qualification form fully expecting they would respond with sorry but you're not in our service area, or you're too far away, your phone lines don't meet our specs... etc. My home phone is with AT&T so I've tried with to get AT&T DSL, basically they've said not available in your area....

So imagine my surprise when Cyberonic's reply email says, no problem you're qualified for our dsl. I call the number, someone who's native language is not english, eventually answers and between his broken english and me trying to hear and understand him, he tries to pre-qualify me again. From what he said while I don't qualify for the cheaper more affordable options, I do qualify for the 1.5MB/512 package for $39 a month.

I just thought that it was kinda odd, that everyone else says I don't qualify, but this company was willing to sell it to me, although the more expensive package. Any thoughts? Tony


Las Vegas, NV
I believe that's the same package I am using, which is Wireless EVDO/3g. In short term, it's called Broadband Wireless. They'll send you a router, an air-card (just like those you buy from AT & T, Verizon, etc.) and an antenna.

The signal strength and speed depend on your location. From where I am now, basically I am in a lowland surrounded by small hills and trees. So my signal strength is not really that good and my speed is usually between 0.30 to 0.90 MB/s. Once in a long while I can get upto 1.0MB/s if I am lucky.

Since I don't have any other choices besides Satellite (I used to use DirectTV/Wildblue which is worse and they have a FAP cap while Cyberonic does not), so this is the only one I can really use.

They give you a 10-day trial period, so you can try it out first. But beware, during my first month, I got very good signal strength and speed, after that, both gradually get worse. I have called Cyberonic numerous times and they keep saying nothing they can do since I am not in a very good location to receive good signal.

I hope this help.


Marble Hill, MO
reply to TonyKZ1
Ahh okay, if that's it then I definitely don't want it as we don't have EVDO/3G here yet, just the 1x and Edge networks.
Thanks for the info, Tony