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Montreal, QC
reply to clarknova

Re: Everything MLPPP

said by clarknova:

said by Vihsadas:

1) I understand that to run MLPPP to bond two lines you need two physical lines of copper, two DSL services, Static IP Service.
All true except the static IP. You need the mlppp option from TSI, which is $4/month. A static IP is no extra charge if you have the mlppp option, so in most cases you may as well get it.

In a single phone jack, usually you have access to two lines (Can split the jack via a line splitter, and have two phone lines on one phone for example). Can I use a line splitter at the single jack in my wall to run two modems, or do I have to split it at the demarcation point?
Whatever gives you access to that second pair of copper. If you have a line splitter that will do that then it should work.

2) Is there a way to easily test that your home already has two lines running to it?
The easiest way, especially in an apartment building, is probably to call your phone company and order a second phone line. I don't know about Montreal, but in Telus country you can get a month free with free connection. If you're not so lucky you can just order a second DSL line and the provider will let you know if there's a problem.

I rewired a bunch of my phone jacks (At the phone jack level) to have access to my current single line. However, there are a few jacks that are miswired: they have two of the four internal wires going to the pins in the phone jack, but those are the "wrong" wires to have access to my currently subscribed phone line/DSL (haven't gotten around to changing them yet).
Would these jacks potentially be "pre-wired" correctly for a future new Dry loop, or landline I would purchase through Teksavvy? Could I hook up my second modem here?
How would I test that before I buy?
The only way to test without service is by accessing the demarc. If you can't, then you can't. I ordered a second DSL line in my home, knowing that there was a second pair of copper coming in, and was told they couldn't hook me up because Telus didn't recognize the second circuit. TSI didn't charge me a thing until Telus had come in and activated the second circuit. I don't think you stand to lose anything by requesting the second line.
Cool, I understand now. Thanks for the information, it was very helpful!