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Slow uploads as of recent?

I've browsed here for a while, concerning Bresnan's internet service, and I've seen ups and downs in people's usage of the service, but I have noticed something strange the past year. Maybe it has been discussed already, but I would not mind to start a current discussion on the issue.

Anyway, I have Bresnan's 15/1 service, in Lander, WY, and for the past year I have noticed that I rarely get the advertised upload. The download is quite fine 90%, but I average about 250kbps on the upstream. Does anyone know why this is? I am not the only one with this issue in this town, and I have switched modems, and debugged routers, so its neither of those issues.

Occasionally, I'll have my 500-600 kbps upload, but during 12pm to 4am, it seems to just tank hard.

About two years ago, I used to work for Bresnan, and I left when they were just implementing phone service. The service was pretty nice back then, and I know they've done alot of changes since then and now, but their current performance is.... interesting.

Anyway, if there's anyone who would know what's going on, I would greatly appreciate a reply. This board moves slow, so I don't expect an immediate reply. Thank you.

Powell, WY
My experience on the 15/1 package is almost the exact opposite. I can usually get very close on the upstream (within 100Kb/s) but the downstream is what seems to be lacking here. It had been getting better but the last few days have been declining again, not as bad as it was but noticeable.