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This is a sub-selection from [Networking] Online Gaming on HughesNet

Doc Lithius

Rock, MI
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Re: [Networking] Online Gaming on HughesNet

That's a good question! I hope someone can submit the answer to that question as well as the question I'm about to propose:
Given that certain first-person shooters on the XBox 360 work just fine, I have to ask. Halo-fever is in full swing with the BETA testing of Halo: Reach...so does the current version of Halo: Reach work with HughesNet? I myself don't have an XBox 360, but I'm sure a number of people here would like to know.

Also, to whomever stickied this topic: You are awesome! I'll do my best to test as many games as I possibly can and report my findings back here for future reference!
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